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Anastasiia Fortune is a product designer and mentor. Born in Russia, living in NYC. Shaping digital experiences that make our lives easier. One feature at a time.

As an engineer of digital experiences, I believe in the power of intentional and human-centric design. I believe in thorough research. Rigorous systems. And being transparent, strategic, and empathetic, with design solutions.

To quote one of my favorite designers, Tanner Christensen:
“What can often make a product experience so impactful is the work those who created put into it. To build something in such a thoughtful way that makes anyone oblivious to the fact.”
Product Designer
Real Vision
full time, Jan 2022-present
Designed two of three critical user flows for web (PWA) and native mobile platforms that increased session duration, screen views, and improved app store ratings along with other user feedback. Partnered closely with Director of Product Design, CXO, Design peers, UX researchers, PMs, and Engineering to ship an end-to-end MVP within a 4-month deadline.
Product Design Mentor
volunteering, Nov 2022-present
Supported and mentored junior designers on conducting user research, designing with intention, articulating design rationale, presenting design concepts and ideas with storytelling, and leveraging feedback.

Mentee reviews note my technical competency, transparency, and encouraging style of giving feedback, as well as problem solving skills and clear communication.
UI Designer
Cynda Media Lab
contract, jul 2021-Sep 2021
Designed a POS internal app for desktop and mobile web to decrease task completion time, reduce error, and improve compliance with WCAG accessibility standards.
UX/UI Designer
freelance, may 2019-present
Designed desktop and mobile web experiences that increased interaction rates (comments and shares), improved funnel completion and decreased error rates. Conducted user interviews to help teams articulate customer problems and goals while connecting solutions to a broader product vision. Clients include Pinkman, UNKNW design studio, Central Park Coaching, Sberbank.
Corporate and Private English Tutor
Freelance, 2015-2019
Why include this in a design portfolio, you ask?—Because this is where I gained unique leadership, mentorship, and facilitation experience vital for cross-functional teams where alignment and transparency play a key role in product development.
Master UX/UI Certificate Program
new york city, 2021
Led a team of design peers through research, prototyping and user testing for implementation of four new features to the New York City Public Library app, SimplyE.
BA, Linguistics and Intercultural Communication
Chelyabinsk, 2015-2019
Received a presidential grant for a BA program.